“I had been given three names of reputable interior designers all with glowing references. I had met with each of them. After meeting Jan Collins, the choice became an easy one. The incredible enthusiasm she showed for the project and all the creative ideas she suggested at our very first meeting was more then I had ever expected! Along with Jan’s design confidence and kind demeanor she won me over instantly. The vision I had for decorating and renovating my home wasn’t what you would consider 'typical'. Jan managed to wrap her creative energy around the project and help create a space that is functional, original, and includes our fun eclectic spirit. Jan treated every decision and every purchase as if she were making it for herself ensuring that we were getting the best price and the highest quality possible. I was very excited about my new home and the vision I had for the remodeled space. But honestly, I was completely overwhelmed and dreaded all the decisions to be made along with all the possible 'issues' that I heard could occur. Jan was amazing at guiding me along the way, working with the contractors, vendors and helping me make every decision with ease and confidence. Quickly I realized that if a difficulty should arise I could count on Jan to handle it promptly an effectively. Jan saved my life! She made remodeling my home fun, exciting and oh so rewarding. Now that my beautiful home is complete, I know selecting Jan Collins to oversee my design project was the best decision and investment that I could have ever made.” —Debbie Guiney, Holden, MA

"Jan has been providing design services for us for over 13 years. From our very first meeting, Jan was able to quickly asses our needs, individual tastes and styles. Jan has helped us design/redesign almost every room in our house, including our family room, living room, dining room, and most recently our kitchen. Jan has consistently provided a wonderful design plan that’s always within our budget, adds character and beauty to our home while always considering the comfort of family living. We are always thrilled with the outcome of Jan’s design plan, and her wiliness to keep within a budget without compromising the style or design. Working with Jan all these years has been a pleasure. We truly trust her opinion, and she has made the process of designing our home much easier. As a result we have a truly beautiful, timeless and comfortable home that reflects our family’s unique style." —Jenn and Tom Cyrs, Boxborough, MA


"I met Jan over ten years ago, a referral from a friend. In our first meeting, Jan not only solved my dilemma with a curtain style, she also helped me come up with a plan for my entire downstairs. I have worked with Jan over ten years on a myriad of designing challenges. Each time Jan has been absolutely wonderful, creative, motivating and helpful in providing solutions to complete my projects in a timely manner. Jan has extensive resources and can point you in the right direction. Whether it is a shingle style and color, the fabric for a couch, a window treatment design, a bathroom tile selection, or a complete kitchen remodel, Jan has the creative ideas along with the sense of a budget to guide you through. With Jan's guidance, I have the confidence that whatever project I do, I will do it once, I will absolutely love it and the cost will be no greater than what I can afford. I am so happy that I met Jan—she is personable, professional, and a wonderful designer!" —Julie Oliver, Westford, MA


"Jan is not the first designer we’ve worked with, but she has proven to be the best. Over the past 6 years, Jan has been helping us transform our house into a home we just love. Our relationship started with the redecorating of our family room, and evolved into a complete home remodel including an addition and a beautiful new custom kitchen. It’s been a pleasure to work with Jan. She quickly understood our tastes and introduced ideas that we loved but would never have conceived ourselves. Jan always arrives with a smile and well prepared with ideas/plans for us to consider. She’s happy to incorporate our thoughts but is also not shy to let us know when our ideas won’t work. We consider ourselves very lucky to have Jan helping us. We enthusiastically recommend her!" —Rupert and Joanne Schmidtberg, Westford, MA


"Working with Jan is always a wonderful experience! We honestly don’t know what we would have done without her! Our home design projects started over 18 years ago with our first meeting with Jan. We were a newlywed couple seeking creative direction for our expansive, very empty new construction colonial. Jan was extremely professional and quick to realize what we were looking for. She listens to our goals and guides us to finalize decisions with ease. Even when we are skeptical of her suggestions, in the end she is always right whether it is a certain color, style or accessory we are always thrilled with the outcome. We receive so many compliments on our home! Jan has helped us to not only make it beautiful with an everlasting style, but it’s functional, inviting and very comfortable! We have watched our home evolve beautifully over the years to accommodate our life style changes (children), and our broadened sense of taste and style. And with Jan’s help we have been able to make these changes and keep the rooms flowing nicely. Jan is always warm and accommodating making it easy to complete a project. All I have to do is make a call; she responds quickly and makes us a priority. This is our testimony to Jan’s incredible design ability, consistency and our complete trust in her. Jan has never failed us and we look forward to working with her on our next project." —Michele and Russell Boucher, Dunstable, MA

"We've worked closely with Jan Collins for more than a decade. Our project budgets have ranged from very small to modestly luxurious. With each meeting Jan has been especially respectful of our budget without affecting the quality of her creative influence on each and every detail. Initially we were concerned with the expense of using a decorator, thinking this was a luxury for only the wealthy. In reality we've found with Jan’s guidance we made educated decisions and purchases. As a result we ended up saving time and money from what we originally thought we needed in a finished project. In hiring Jan not only did we save money, we also have a beautiful home we just Love!" —Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Perrotti, Pepperell, MA


"It’s been truly a wonderful experience working with Jan Collins. Jan came highly recommended and we hired her to help us with the interior decorating of our new home. In just a few consultations, Jan went room to room throughout our home transforming each space one at a time. From selecting unique, gorgeous paint colors, carpet, window treatments, furniture and accessories to making our existing furniture integrate beautifully with the new pieces, these decision helped us to achieve a fabulous and comfortable environment that 5 years later we still LOVE coming home to! Working with Jan Collins has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Without Jan, we simply would not have been able to accomplish everything that we wanted to get done on our own. In hiring Jan, with her vast expertise and creativity, we saved countless hours and money with costly mistakes. Jan is knowledgeable and creative, along with having a great attitude and an excellent work ethic. We look forward to working with Jan for many years to come." —Erika and Mark Lewis, Westford, MA